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2.4Ghz 43dBm Indoor 20W WiFi Signal Booster/Repeater/amplifer


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Quick overview

WiFi amplifier SH24Gi20W WiFi indoor signal booster 20W 2.4GHz.The WiFi indoor Signal Booster 20W 2.4GHz 40dBm is the fast and easy way to extend your signal range in any environment. This wireless signal repeater is ideal for use with 2.4 GHz frequency hopping or direct sequence spread spectrum radio modems and 5000 MBps IEEE802.11b/g/n devices.

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Full power, easy installation and operation;
Strengthen radio signal to Increase the effective range and coverage area for Wi-Fi communication;
Save wiring costs, easily build a wireless infrastructure for home or business use;
Make broadband wireless application in possible coverage.

Model Name SH24Gi20W
Operating Range 2.4~2.5 GHz
Working Pattern TDD
Launch Output 43dBm (10W)
Launch power input Min: 0dBm Max: 27 dBm
Transmit Gain 25 dB typical
Receiv Gain 22 dB typical
Small Signal Gain Flatness  +- 1dB
Noise Figure <3.5 dB typical
Awitch Time delay <1 us
AGC Control yes
Coupling N-K Female (50 Ohms)
Operatng.Temperature.Scope -25ºC ~ 55ºC
Transmiter Red
Reciver Green
Product Weight 740g
Dimensions 152 x 131 x 26 mm
Working Voltage 24V/2A


  • Sunhans WiFi indoor Signal Booster 20W 2.4GHz 40dBm is an indoor solution 20W bi-direction Booster designed for 2.4GHz wireless LANs. This unit comes with aneasy\plugandplay installation, which works together with an indoor Wireless Access Point to improve its operation range and performance. In certain conditions the unit is able to double the range of the wireless device.The WiFi amplifier extends signal range and can eliminate the use of an additional radio with its associated data line, power outlet, signal interference, and setup headaches.
  • Sunhans WiFi indoor Signal Booster 20W 2.4GHz 40dBm is the fast and easy way to extend your signal range in any environment. This wireless signal repeater is ideal for use with 2.4 GHz frequency hopping or direct sequence spread spectrum radio modems and 5000 MBps IEEE802.11b/g/n devices.
  • The WiFi amplifiers increase range by providing transmit gain as well as lownoise receive gain. This receive gain increase the receive sensitivity of wireless LAN 
    Access point.Full output power of 20W is achieved with only 43 mW input into the WiFi signal booster.
  • Brand new and high quality.Low noise receives gain.Signal activity LED indicates. 
    High Gain, High Value, High Performance. 
  • Plug-and play, Easy installation, no driver needed.
  • Ideal for increase the 2400-2500 MHz frequency devices. Increase the effective range and coverage area of your WiFi network.
  • Simply attach the booster in between the standard antenna on a wireless router or wireless access point and watch your range grow. 
  • The amplified wireless signal may even penetrate complex environments with many walls and obstacles.
  • Ideal for use with 2.4GHz Wireless LANs, Support 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n (2.4 GHz mode only). 

Packaging & Shipping

 Packaging Details
Unit Type:piece
Package Weight:2.000kg (4.41lb.)
Package Size:20cm x 15cm x 5cm (7.87in x 5.91in x 1.97in)

Even with a wireless router, there are usually certain areas in homes and businesses that do not
pick up the signal. There are many Wi-Fi boosters available to increase wireless signals, some
with extra features.
Who Benefits from a Wi-Fi Booster?
A Wi-Fi booster is useful for people who have numerous places in their home or business where a
wireless signal does not reach. A Wi-Fi booster connects to the owner's current wireless network
and makes the signal stronger by bouncing the signal around the area.
Wi-Fi Booster vs. Wireless Repeater
Technically, a "wireless booster" is a Wi-Fi signal amplifier that connects to the owner's wireless
router, making the signal stronger. On the other hand, a "wireless repeater" is a standalone device
that increases the network's reach to places that may not otherwise pick up the signal. Most
experts use the terms "wireless booster" and "wireless repeater" interchangeably, as wireless
repeaters often amplify signals in addition to strengthening them. One of the most important
features to look for when purchasing a Wi-Fi booster is the estimated range.
Wi-Fi Booster Features
Routers come in b, g, and n models. Shoppers find that most routers are compatible with all Wi-Fi
boosters, but they should check to make sure before buying one.
Installing a Wi-Fi Booster
When installing Wi-Fi boosters, owners should place them in a location where they can pick up
the router's signal clearly. It is important to keep it away from interference, which includes thick
walls and signal-emitting appliances.
With a Wi-Fi booster, people can get wireless signals from virtually anywhere. When choosing a
Wi-Fi booster, shoppers should learn about the features that can enhance their experience and
determine which models come with them. Shoppers should also make sure that their router is
compatible with the Wi-Fi booster because not all boosters work with all router styles. Users can
set up their Wi-Fi booster in a matter of minutes.

We are a factory of high power WiFi boosters and mobile signal repeaters. Our product´s design is the best, inside and outside.
Here I detail some uses for your reference.

Our WiFi Boosters are used to amplify:
- Routers
- Access Points
- IP cameras
- Remote control helicopters, planes, cars and boats under 2,4 and 5,8Ghz
- Hotspot servers in hotels, airports, convention centers, restaurants, supermarkets...
- Walkie Talkies
- Medical equipment

Our mobile phone repeaters are used to kill the black points without signal in:
- Hotels
- Supermarkets
- Offices
- Subways
- Parking spaces
- Hospitals
- Ships and boats
- Elevators
- Alarms & security systems
- 4G routers (using our repeaters as a 4G booster)
- Telephone switchboards
- Tunnels
- Discotheques and disco bars

Problem Support
1. If still no signal receipt after activated booster, please check whether outdoor antenna point to signal tower, or the place you install outdoor antenna have strong signal, it need be 3bar signal or more.
2. If can not call out, please adjust the direction of outdoor antenna.
3. If strength is not steady, please check whether outdoor and indoor antennas are too close. Please ensure the outdoor and indoor antenna have max distance, with a wall between and not in a same horizontal line.

Easy Installation
1. Install outdoor antenna at the place where has good signal, as high as possible. Fix it very well.
2. Connect outdoor antenna to "BTS" Port on the Booster through cable.
3. Connect indoor antenna(s) to "User" or "Mobile" Port on the Booster directly or through cable.also.
4. Plug Power Adaptor into AC power socket and finish installation.

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