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For Toshiba PA3715E-1AC3 AC Adapter 19V 3.95A 75W With Free Cord


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Free Shipping!! Replacement For Toshiba PA3715E-1AC3 AC Adapter 75Watt 19V 3.95A With Free Power Cord and Free Shipping!Toshiba Satellite PA3715A PA3715E-1AC3 AC Power Adapter 19V 3.95A.New Replacement Toshiba PA3715E-1AC3 Laptop AC Adapter 75Watt 19V 3.95A with 5.5x2.5mmB Plug, 3-Prong Cord included. Hi-Quality Compatible 19Volt Battery Charger PA3715E-1AC3 works for Toshiba Satellite Notebook PC and more.

This Replacement Toshiba PA3715E-1AC3 Laptop AC Power Adapter/Charger for your laptop enables you to operate your notebook or charge the battery from electrical power outlets. If you are running your computer on AC power with a battery installed, the adapter charges the battery (if needed) and maintains its charge. When the system is off, the AC adapter will charge the battery and then maintain its charge.

Manufacturer: 3rd Party
Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: DC19V 3.95A
Power: 75W Max
Outlet: 3-Prong
DC Connecter (Barrel) size:
Internal Diameter: 2.5mm
External Diameter: 5.5mm
Item Includes: AC Adapter and Power Cord.
Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!
Full 12 months warranty!!
All power adapter products have overcharge, over discharge, over-temperature, over voltage, short circuit protection.
All power adapters are 100% compatible with original laptop.
Superior quality and stable performance of our products is guaranteed.
Full output power
High output voltage accuracy
Meets a variety of FCC, UL, CE and RoHS certification.
Guarantees 100% compatible with your original system.

This high quality replacement Toshiba PA3715E-1AC3 Laptop AC Adapter will get your laptop up and running the right way at the very best price. It is safe with overvoltage, shortcircuit and overcurrent protection. It is sturdy and well built as it is made from the highest quality parts and first class worksmanship. The quality of this acer ac adapter is certified as well by UL, TUV, RoHS ... and the CE to name a few.

Compatible Adapter Part NO.:

Toshiba PA3468U
Toshiba PA3715U-1ACA
Toshiba PA3468U-1ACA
Toshiba PA3432U
Toshiba PA3432U-1ACA
Toshiba PA3380U-1ACA
Toshiba PA3380E-1ACA
Toshiba PA3432U-1AC3
Toshiba PA3432E-1ACA
Toshiba PA3432E-1AC3
Toshiba PA3468E-1ACA
Toshiba PA3468E
Toshiba PA3468E-1AC3
Toshiba PA3467U-1ACA
Toshiba PA3715E-1AC3
Toshiba PA3715A-1AC3
Toshiba PA-1750-09
Toshiba PA-1750-29
Toshiba API1AD43
Toshiba ADP-90FB
Toshiba PA5035E-1AC3
Toshiba ADP-75FB-A
Toshiba PA3715C-1AC3
Toshiba PA3378C-3AC3
Toshiba PA5034E-1AC3
Toshiba PA5034U-1ACA

Compatible Models :

Toshiba Satellite A100-S2211TD, A100-S3211TD, A100-S8111TD with Intel Celeron M Processor only

Toshiba Satellite A105-S101, A105-S101x, A105-S171, A105-S171x, A105-S2xxx, A105-S271, A105-S271x, A105-S361, A105-S361x series portable computers

Toshiba Satellite M40X, M60, M65

Toshiba Satellite 1100-S101, 1105, 1110, 1110-S153, 1115, 1115-S103, 1115-S104, 1115-S107, 1115-S123, 1130, 1130-S155, 1130-S156, 1135, 1135-S125, 1135-S155, 1135-S156, 1135-S1551, 1135-S1552, 1135-S1553, 1135-S1554, 1900, 1900-S305, 1905, 1905-S277, 1905-S301, 1905-S302, 1905-S303, 1905-S304, 1905-S801, 1950, 1955, 1955-S801, 1955-S802, 1955-S803, 1955-S804, 1955-S805, 1955-S806, 1955-S807, 2430, 2430-SB, 2430-S255, 2430-S256, 2435, 2435-S255, 2435-S256 series

Toshiba Satellite A100 Series:

Satellite A100-S2211, Satellite A100, Satellite A100-05R010, Satellite A100-016004, Satellite A100-03501N, Satellite A100-046004, Satellite A100-151, Satellite A100-153, Satellite A100-155, Satellite A100-158, Satellite A100-159, Satellite A100-161, Satellite A100-163, Satellite A100-165, Satellite A100-166, Satellite A100-168, Satellite A100-169, Satellite A100-170, Satellite A100-175, Satellite A100-181, Satellite A100-188, Satellite A100-192, Satellite A100-193, Satellite A100-209, Satellite A100-212, Satellite A100-218, Satellite A100-220, Satellite A100-232, Satellite A100-233, Satellite A100-234, Satellite A100-237, Satellite A100-250, Satellite A100-252, Satellite A100-253, Satellite A100-269, Satellite A100-270, Satellite A100-500, Satellite A100-507, Satellite A100-508, Satellite A100-510, Satellite A100-521, Satellite A100-522, Satellite A100-523, Satellite A100-525, Satellite A100-528, Satellite A100-529, Satellite A100-533, Satellite A100-534, Satellite A100-551, Satellite A100-JH2, Satellite A100-LE1, Satellite A100-LE4, Satellite A100-LE6, Satellite A100-S2211TD, Satellite A100-S2311TD, Satellite A100-S8111TD, Satellite A100-SP621, Satellite A100-ST2311, Satellite A100-ST3211, Satellite A100-ST8211.

Toshiba Satellite A105 Series:
Satellite A105 , Satellite A105-S101, Satellite A105-S171, Satellite A105-S271, Satellite A105-S361, Satellite A105-S1013, Satellite A105-S1014, Satellite A105-S1712, Satellite A105-S2001, Satellite A105-S2011, Satellite A105-S2021, Satellite A105-S2031, Satellite A105-S2051, Satellite A105-S2061, Satellite A105-S2081, Satellite A105-S2091, Satellite A105-S2111, Satellite A105-S2711, Satellite A105-S2712, Satellite A105-S2713, Satellite A105-S2716, Satellite A105-S2717, Satellite A105-S2719, Satellite A105-S3611, Satellite A105-S1012.

Toahiba Satellite M40X Series:
Satellite M40X-105, Satellite M40X-112, Satellite M40X-115, Satellite M40X-116, Satellite M40X-119, Satellite M40X-129, Satellite M40X-142, Satellite M40X-159, Satellite M40X-161, Satellite M40X-163, Satellite M40X-166, Satellite M40X-168, Satellite M40X-169, Satellite M40X-175, Satellite M40X-183, Satellite M40X-183, Satellite M40X-184, Satellite M40X-231, Satellite M40X-250, Satellite M40X-251.

Toshiba Satellite M60 Series:
Satellite M60 SeriesSatellite M60-103Satellite M60-104Satellite M60-105Satellite M60-112Satellite M60-126Satellite M60-128Satellite M60-131Satellite M60-132Satellite M60-134Satellite M60-135Satellite M60-139Satellite M60-144Satellite M60-148Satellite M60-149Satellite M60-153Satellite M60-154Satellite M60-161Satellite M60-163Satellite M60-164Satellite M60-167Satellite M60-169Satellite M60-170Satellite M60-171Satellite M60-175Satellite M60-176Satellite M60-BK3Satellite M60-CD4Satellite M60-CD6Satellite M60-CD7Satellite M60-S811STSatellite M60-S6111TDSatellite M60-S8112STSatellite M60-S8112TD.

Toshiba Satellite M65 Series:
Satellite M65-S809, Satellite M65-S909, Satellite M65-S8091, Satellite M65-S9062, Satellite M65-S9063, Satellite M65-S9064, Satellite M65-S9065, Satellite M65-S9091, Satellite M65-S9092, Satellite M65-S9093, Satellite M65-SP811, Satellite M65-SP959

Note: Not all compatible models listed

Toshiba Laptop Power Adapter Precautions

Please carefully check the original adapter parameters before use. Do confirm the TOSHIBA PA3715E-1AC3 adapter parameters (Voltage, current, and DC plug size, etc.) is compatible with the original laptop.
Different parameters or brand of adapters can not be mixed.
When buying an laptop AC adapters for your notebook/laptop, please check the voltage and current setting on your current laptop adapter.
1.voltage [volts V]- it has to be the same as voltage value specified on your laptop.
2.Current output[ampere A] -it has to be the same or higher than the value specified on your laptop.

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Perfect Review by Dale
Delivery Time
Worked like a charm! I'm super happy with my replacement power adapter. Shipping was faster than I anticipated. only 1 week.
(Posted on 8/22/2016)

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