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Toshiba PA5157U-1BRS 11.4V 4160mAh Laptop Battery


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New Laptop Battery for Toshiba M40 M50T U50T U940 P/N: PA5157U-1BRS laptop internal bettery - Laptop battery PA5157 for Toshiba E45T E45T-A4100 P000577250 PA5157U-1BRS li-ion battery

Toshiba PA5157U-1BRS Satellite M50D U50t Notebook Battery : Toshiba Laptop battery PA5157U for Toshiba E45T E45T-A4100 P000577250 PA5157U-1BRS.Laptop Battery PA5157 PA5157U-1BRS for Toshiba M50T U50T U940 M40 PA5157U laptop internal betteries TOS4738 TOS4739 TOS4864

Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 11.4V
Battery Capacity: 4160mAh
Battery Color: Black
Size: 188.70 x 131.60 x 6.10mm
Weight: 255g
Cells Amount: 8-Cells
Battery Cell Quality: Grage A

This laptop battery for:
P31PE6-06-N01, PA5157U-1BRS

This laptop battery work with:
M40t-AT02S, Satellite M50T, M50-AT02S1, Satellite U50T-A, Satellite U50t-A-100, M50D-A-10K, Satellite M50D-A-10K, Satellite M40-A, Satellite U40t-A, Satellite M50D-A, M50D-AT01S1, Satelite U40T-A, Satellite U50t-A100, M50-AT01S1, Satellite U940, Satellite U50t, Satellite U40t-AT01S, M40-AT01S1, Satellite M50-A, M40-A
Wholesale & retail Toshiba PA5157U-1BRS, P31PE6-06-N01 50.73Wh rechargeable 3-cell Li-polymer laptop batteries

How to care for your Toshiba PA5157U-1BRS battery:
Any new PA5157U-1BRS battery should first be fully charged by leaving it plugged in overnight. Once a computer battery is fully charged it will no longer accept any more power. It is a common practice to leave laptops plugged in after they have been turned off so that the battery has a full charge the next time you use your laptop. It is probably fully charged within 5 hours.

Your new laptop battery comes in a discharged condition and must be charged before use. Upon initial use (or after prolonged storage period) the battery may require two to three charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.

If your PA5157U-1BRS battery has not been actively used 2 months or more, condition your battery again with 5 partial discharge & recharge cycles to increase the batteries capacity and run time.

Never run your battery below the 2% critically low warning point. If your battery is run below this point it may not have enough energy to even recharge. This may effectively "kill" your battery.

It is better to keep the laptop power off during charge the Toshiba PA5157U-1BRS Satellite M50D U50t Notebook Battery pack. And don't unplugged power or using your notebook during the battery half-way charge. The best time using is 30 minutes fully charge later.

Run on battery power without the AC adapter cord at least once a week to keep the battery cells active and at their peak potential. When your laptop is plugged into the power adapter the battery goes to "standby mode" while your laptop runs directly on electricity from the wall outlet.

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